Claytex and CAE Tech have entered into a partnership

Claytex and CAE Tech have entered into a partnership for the development of a new Modelica Library for modelling and simulating hydraulic systems called the FluidPower Library. The library has been designed to allow users to arbitrarily connect components to build up their hydraulic circuit and includes an extensive range of valves, actuators, pumps, accumulators, and other key hydraulic components. In addition, access to the elements used to create these models means you can easily construct your own bespoke valve models. The library interfaces with models from the Modelica Standard Library and the other libraries from Claytex in order to build complete system models incorporating hydraulics.

About Claytex

Claytex is an engineering consultancy specialised in Systems Engineering. Our core competency is in the modelling, simulation and analysis of complex multi-domain systems, such as road and off-road vehicles, aircraft and marine vessels, using Dymola and Modelica.

Claytex is a specialist partner for Dassault Systèmes software solutions, including Dymola, Reqtify, CATIA V6, AUTOSAR Builder and ControlBuild. Claytex is also a reseller of rFpro software; Driver-In-The-Loop Simulators for Vehicle Dynamics Engineering. Since 1999, Claytex has been working for some of the world’s most respected Automotive, Motorsport/F1, Aerospace, Marine and Energy companies on a global basis.

For further information please contact Mahdieh Mehrabi on +44 1926 885900 or

About CAE Tech

CAE Tech Limited was founded with the aim of helping engineers make better use of simulation. Services provided range from advising on best practises, to developing new software products. The company was founded by Peter Harman, who is a member of both the Modelica Association and the British Fluid Power Association.




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