Claytex on Technology for Transport TV Programme – Sky Digital

Claytex were invited by the Executive TV team to participate in a TV programme on Technology for Transport which will be broadcast on SKY Digital Channel 189.

The programme explores the challenges facing the automotive industry today and discusses the realities of moving into an electric-powered, autonomous future. The participants will talk about the full range of issues that will effect the future of transport in the UK from designing and manufacturing the vehicles to the cultural, legal and practical implications of an autonomous world.

Claytex on Technology for Transport TV Programme - Sky Digital

This programme brings together four organisations (Claytex, Drive Midlands, IVECO & Venner Shipley) with distinct view points and areas of expertise from across the car industry. The aim of the programme is to have a lively debate about how soon new technologies will arrive and how their gradual introduction will effect our existing roads and cities.

Managing Director of Claytex, Mike Dempsey, opens the programme explaining that he believes the car industry will change significantly in the next 5 years as we increasingly electrify the vehicles. They may not be fully electric and still partially hybrid, but that is going to be a big change for the vehicle manufacturers.

Later in the programme, Alessandro Picarelli, Chief Engineer at Claytex adds, thinking of the future, we will see the design and development of autonomous vehicles which will bring changes in the business models of car companies where vehicle ownership in the future might start to reduce in favour of car sharing schemes.

We would like to invite you to tune in on Sunday 25th February or Sunday 18th March, at 10:30 in the morning, to watch the complete programme on the SKY Digital Channel 189.


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