The Dymola Save Total Option

Save Total provides a way to create a single file describing a class with all depended classes included. This is useful when you want to send someone the model without having to provide them with the full libraries being utilized by the library.


Save Total Tool

Note that encrypted files are not included and the user will have to obtain these and any licenses required to use these libraries.

If the model is stored with Save as type set to Modelica Files (.mo) then only the Modelica code of the class and the dependent classes will be stored.

To export a model that has external functions and data file, store your library using the hierarchical file structure (see and store all external code and data in a Resources folder.  The following image is the hierarchical structure of the Simulator library, this contains a Resources folder.


Hierarchical file structure of the Simulator library that contains a Resources folder

When using Save Total with Save as type set to Modelica Zip-archive with resources (*.zip) then the model is saved with all the files in the Resources folder also stored.

By default the documentation and images are not stored in the class saved using Save Total.  To include documents and images set the following flags to true in the Dymola command line:

Advanced.SaveTotal.CopyDocumentation = true
Advanced.SaveTotal.CopyImages = true

Further information about Save Total can be found in the Dymola Users Manual Volume 1 in Section 4.6.1.


Written by: Garron Fish


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