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Automotive Buildings Claytex specialises in modelling and simulation of complex systems and we provide consulting services, training and software solutions. We focus on simulation for systems engineering and understanding the interactions of systems with their environment. Simulation solutions for Systems Engineering and Virtual Testing Motorsport or something else?
Industrial Equipment The increasing complexity of todays machines presents a significant systems engineering challenge. We address this through the development of systems models and simulations that enable the interactions of the machine and its control systems to be explored and understood. Applying this early in a project helps inform critical decisions with data. Find
Energy and Thermal management of Buildings Whether it’s a house, office or whatever type of building, energy management is an important topic for any new design. We need to minimise the energy consumed by our buildings whilst making sure they are still comfortable places to live, work and play. Our simulation services and solutions can help you analyse the building system to optimise their design and control. Find
Flight Dynamics Our physical modelling based approach for the development of flight dynamics models for multi-rotor and fixed wing aircraft and drones enables the models to be used for systems integration and failure mode analysis work. The models can also be integrated into virtual environments to explore the interaction with pilots and autonomous flight controllers. Find
Systems Modelling and Simulation Using physics based models to support your systems engineering means you can start to use simulation to answer critical questions early in the design process. These predictive models help you understand the system behaviour and interactions so you can correctly size components and make data driven decisions about your product.

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rFpro model of Montreal Vehicle Systems
Modelling and Analysis
VeSyMA is a suite of tools for the modelling and analysis of vehicle systems. It is delivered as a scaleable system of compatible tools covering every task from basic performance prediction through to the simulation of fully autonomous vehicles in complex virtual environments. We leverage state of the art software tools such as Dymola and rFpro to build these simulation solutions.
VeSyMA – ADAS VeSyMA – ADAS is a solution for the development and testing of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. It provides a sensor realistic simulation environment for cameras, radar, LiDAR coupled with scenario based testing. This enables the complete control system to be challenged with edge cases involving traffic, pedestrians and NCAP targets. Find
Virtual testing of ADAS and autonomous vehicles in traffic VeSyMA – Autonomous Virtual development and testing of fully autonomous vehicles in sensor realistic simulation. Using scenario based testing you can give the AV controller a driving test and connect to a scenario database to challenge it with edge cases (traffic, pedestrian, weather, etc.) covering your entire ODD. Find
Paris Driver in rFpro Driver-in-the-Loop Simulation VeSyMA – Driver-in-the-Loop and rFpro form a complete solution for driving simulation through to full motion platforms. MultiBody vehicle dynamics models, that run in real-time, are integrated into rFpro and can be driven around digital twins of proving grounds, public roads and race tracks. Find
Electric Vehicle Modelling Electric vehicles and the hybridisation of conventional vehicles presents a large number of new challenges to the vehicle developer. To maximise the efficiency of the vehicle you need to study the detailed interactions of all the vehicle systems. Our solutions cover all aspects of the electric powertrain including thermal management, battery performance and driving dynamics. Find
Virtual Proving Ground Moving to a virtual proving ground allows a fundamental shift in your ability to test and measure the performance of your design. Simulated tests are 100% repeatable and allow you to detect even the smallest changes in performance. Substantial costs savings can be realised through a reduction in the number of physical prototypes in addition to the actual cost of testing. Find
VeSyMA – Motorsports VeSyMA – Motorsports is our solution for modelling and simulation of racing cars. It is used in Formula 1, NASCAR and IndyCar to help our customers find a performance advantage and win races. They are used in the design office, in the simulator and at the race track and allow the complete car to be modelled in one environment to look for every small performance gain. Find
Thermal Management for
Cabin, Powertrain and EV’s
Our comprehensive solutions for thermal management modelling and simulation are applied in the study of air-conditioning, cabin ventilation, powertrain cooling and, in the case of electric vehicles, the interaction of all these thermal systems with the battery. Find out more
rFpro model of Montreal Performance, Economy
and Energy Analysis
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ADAS Autonomous Driver-in-the-Loop Electric Vehicles Motorsports Virtual Test Track

Slide Everything we do at Claytex is about modelling and simulation Systems Engineering is a broad topic and here at Claytex we focus on the modelling and simulation of the system to understand it’s behaviour and dynamics. Our work covers multiple industries and domains such as vehicle dynamics, energy management of buildings, flight dynamics of drones, thermal management and extends into the virtual testing of ADAS and autonomous vehicles with physics based sensor models. We help our customers understand their designs to make better products, faster.

Claytex is a consultancy, software developer, distributor and training provider. We develop simulation solutions using the open standards of Modelica, FMI, OpenSCENARIO and OpenDRIVE; distribute systems engineering solutions from Dassault Systemes, rFpro and specialist Modelica library developers. Our portfolio of tools includes Dymola, Reqtify, rFpro as well as our own software products including the VeSyMA suite of solutions. We also build bespoke simulation tools for specialist applications.

Dymola Dymola logo Dymola Dymola is a modelling and simulation too that uses the Modelica modelling language. It provides a component orientated, physical modelling approach that covers multiple domains allowing the system interactions to be studied and supports extensive reuse of models and modelling knowledge. rFpro rFpro logo rFpro enables sensor realistic simulation for the virtual testing and development of ADAS and autonomous vehicle control systems. It allows the controllers and the driver (or occupants) to be immersed into the virtual environment. Injecting traffic, pedestrians, cyclists and other dynamic agents into the virtual world enables complex test scenarios to be simulated. Consulting Consulting Our engineers work on a diverse range of projects and are experts in their respective fields. We can help by analysing your designs to quantify their performance, provide detailed support to help you improve your own models or developing a solution to help your team make better use of simulation. MultiRun MultiRun tool for Dymola Our Multirun tool is built on our in-house regression test solution for Dymola and Modelica models. It enables the parallel simulation of multiple Dymola models on one PC so that the impact of changes in a model can be quickly assessed across the full suite of experiments you use to assess the system behaviour. Modelica Modelica Libraries Logo Claytex develops and distributes a wide range of Modelica model libraries. These application libraries are designed to work with Dymola and cover a broad range of engineering tasks and industries including hydraulics, hvac, multibody mechanics, cooling, powertrain, vehicle and flight dynamics. FMI New Layer FMI logo The FMI Standard is an open standard for exchanging models between different simulation tools. Claytex fully supports this standard and has developed FMI compliant tools for Simulink, Excel, Windows and the Cloud. Our VeSyMA suite of products also fully support the FMI standard in both Dymola and rFpro. Training Training We offer a range of instructor led training courses covering all of the software tools we distribute including Dymola, Modelica, and rFpro. All our training courses are now delivered online and can be tailored to suit your needs. With all our courses you will still interact with an instructor via a web meeting. Reqtify Reqtify Reqtify captures requirements from any source and performs traceability and impact analysis across different systems, programs and project levels covering the complete product life cycle. It connects to your existing tool chain and automates the extracting of information enabling an accurate, live view of the project status.

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