Useful Keyboard Shortcuts and Commands

The following list of Keyboard Shortcuts and Commands are used on a daily basis. Note, this list is not exhaustive, see Dymola User Manuals for more information.


Check Syntax and Format = Ctrl + L

Check Model = F8

Code Completion = Ctrl + Space

Duplicate = Ctrl + D

Edit Function Call (text Layer) = Ctrl + U

Find Class Name in Tree = Tap first letter in Name

Insert Function Call (text layer) = Ctrl + W

Move model up Library Tree = Ctrl + Up/Down Arrow

Manhattanize (Snap connection lines to Horiz / Vertical) = Ctrl + M

Pan = Ctrl + Left Click

Pause Animation = F4

Play Animation = F3

Rotate Objects = Ctrl + R

Snap object to grid = Ctrl + G

Toggle Modelling Window = Crtl + F1

Toggle Simulation Window = Crtl + F2

Zoom In/Out = Ctrl + Scroll Wheel


There are too many built in Commands to list here however some commands for getting additional help are:

listfunctions() – Gives a list of Built in Dymola functions.

document(“plot”) – Gives a Modelica documentation of the given function.

list() – Lists all variables.

help() – Give this information.

cd – Check Current Working Directory


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