Multiphysics Simulation for Autosport / Motorsport Applications Seminar – 11th November 2015 – Williams F1 Conference Centre

Claytex will be exhibiting and presenting at the Multiphysics Simulation for Autosport / Motorsport Applications Seminar organised by the UK Magnetics Society.

Motor racing has long been a development test bed for technologies which goes on to appear in road cars. The advent of the Formula E standard now offers the same route for electric vehicles. This event provides an opportunity to hear from some of the companies engineering the drivetrains and bodies of vehicles from the extremes of world speed record setting to mass production.

This one day event is the latest in the CAE series from the UK Magnetics Society. This year the focus will be on the problem of virtually simulating automotive motor and vehicle design. Speakers will discuss case studies and toolsets for simulating or engineering automotive solutions for road cars and race cars, and software suppliers will be on hand to give updates on the latest developments of their toolsets.

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Multiphysics Analysis of a High Torque Density Motor for Electric Racing Cars
by Dr Mircea Popescu of Motor Design Ltd

The Design and Analysis of a “New” Motor Topology for High Performance Applications
by Dr David Simkin of YASA Motors Ltd

Multi-Domain Simulation of Hybrid Vehicles
by Mr Alessandro Picarelli of Claytex

Performance through Innovation using System Simulation
by Mr Marceliano Fumero of Siemens Simulation and Test

Customer Cases in Automotive Industry and Latest Coupling Technology  between JMAG and Abaqus 
by Mr Yves Tholiere of JMAG

Infolytica & McGill – Collaboration on the Canadian APC Project
by Prof D.A. Lowther & Prof E.M. Freeman of CEM Lab., University of McGill & Infolytica Corp., Canada

Mr Jerome Mifsud of Williams F1

Meet with Claytex

On our stand, we will be showcasing our Systems Engineering Solution Dymola.

If you have any questions or would like to book a meeting with us during the event, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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