Dymola 2012 FD01 Released

Dassault Systemes have announced the release of Dymola 2012 FD01.  This release includes the following enhancements:

  • Greatly improved plotting capabilities offers easier to use and more flexible analysis of simulation results
  • Improvements in graphical editor to make common operations faster
  • More flexible composition of FMI simulation units with support for co-simulation
  • Enhanced Simulink-interface makes distribution of pre-compiled S-functions easier
  • OPC server interface to simulator facilitates integration with process control and training simulators
  • A new library for Optimization with enhanced functionality including support for model predictive control
  • Improved Modelica libraries for Air Conditioning, PowerTrain, Hydraulics, Engines and Powertrain Dynamics
  • New XML Reader to enable parameter data to be read from XML files

Customers with active support and maintenance agreements can now download this new version of Dymola.  Please contact sales for further details.


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