AVS – Manual Test Series Generation

Claytex continues to invest in the important development of automated testing methodologies for autonomous vehicles, as well as researching how to define safety and quantify it. Both topics are crucial to define and optimise AV testing. However, in many cases, having a fully automated test series generation can mean less control over the variables affecting AV testing.

Having this in mind, our solution offers an easy and yet flexible way for creating test series. In this manual method, you have full control over variables that will affect the simulation.

Test Manager Test Series Table

The test series editor allows users to create and modify test series into a dedicated user interface. It can be used for really simple tests with a small number of variables. However, it allows as many tests and parameters as required to be used.

Figure 1 - Shows test series table containing 3 tests and 4 parameters

Figure 1 – Shows test series table containing 3 tests and 4 parameters

Using a table format, each column defines a test to be performed and each row a parameter that will be modified into that test. The test series editor also offers a base scenario mechanism. This mechanism means the user is not required to specify all parameters into the table. By leaving a cell empty, the value from the base scenario will be automatically inherited into that test. This helps to keep the table clean and free of unnecessary parameters.

In the example above, a manual test series is being created to test how the lack of light affects the system under test (SUT) when there is a malfunction of the vehicle headlights. In this situation, the vehicle’s ability to detect objects is affected and could cause collisions. The table shows the cloudiness, fog and time of the day being modified as these are the parameters likely to cause problems. Also, it varies the traffic start time, so the approach position between vehicles is different.

Simulation Results

The video below shows the resulting simulation for tests 1,2 and 3. In this you can observe how varying the parameters affects the system under test.

Video 1 – Shows the simulation for test 1,2 and 3 described into the test series table

In conclusion, this blog aims to give you an initial introduction to some of test series creation capabilities. There are many other features that are not covered into this post. The test series table can be used for modifying over 15 parameters, editing and viewing existent test series. If you want to hear more about its capabilities, feel free to contact us.

Written by: Felipe Ferrary – Senior Software Engineer at Claytex

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