Dymola 2019 Available

Dassault Systemes have announced the availability of a new version of Dymola. The key highlights of the Dymola 2019 release are:



  • Easily capture parameters of existing components to create new models.
  • Improved use of display units in the diagram layer and in plots reduces model ambiguity.


  • More robust and efficient handling of models with nonlinear equation systems through improved handling of guess values and choice of extrapolation methods.
  • Improved diagnostics at compilation and runtime helps find difficult numeric problems, and intermediate values can be checked during debugging.
  • More efficient code generation for parameters, and eliminated code-bloat for large tables of data.

New Library

  • New Pneumatic Systems library

Updated Libraries

  • Battery
  • ClaRa DCS
  • ClaRa Plus
  • Cooling
  • Electrified Powertrains
  • Fluid Power
  • Human Comfort
  • Hydrogen
  • Testing
  • Thermal Systems
  • VeSyMA (Vehicle Systems Modelling and Analysis)
  • VeSyMA – Engines
  • VeSyMA – Powertrain
  • VeSyMA – Suspensions

The Claytex Libraries have been updated to a new 2018.2 release and are available as a separate download. If you are using the Claytex License Server for these libraries then this will also need to be updated.

Customers with a valid support and maintenance agreement can download the new version of Dymola and the Claytex Libraries.

Please contact Claytex to obtain the download links.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our sales or support teams.

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