New Library Release – VeSyMA and Fluid Power Library

Claytex are pleased to announce the release of the 2017.3 version of our Modelica libraries. This release includes updates to the complete VeSyMA suite of solutions and the introduction of the Fluid Power Library.  These libraries are available for Dymola 2018 and have already been tested with Dymola 2018 FD01 which will be released in December.

Fluid Power Library

The Fluid Power Library is a new solution for modelling hydraulic systems and is being developed in partnership with CAE Tech.  The library has been designed to allow you to arbitrarily connect components to build up your hydraulic circuit and includes an extensive range of valves, actuators, pumps, accumulators, etc.  In addition access to the elements used to create these models means you can easily construct your own bespoke valve models.

VeSyMA Solutions

The complete portfolio has been updated and contains many enhancements:

  • VeSyMA includes:
    • Revised electric/hybrid vehicle templates with support for multiple motors and generators
    • Revised driver model parameterisation to collect these into a driver profile record
  • VeSyMA – Engines includes:
    • Addition of a Selective Catalyst Reduction unit model
    • Two new approaches for modelling turbochargers
  • VeSyMA – Powertrain includes:
    • Gear loss models are improved to more robustly support the use of heat transfer through thermal ports
  • VeSyMA – Suspensions includes:
    • Full support for FTire from Cosin Scientific
    • Support for OpenCRG to define the road
    • Improved test rigs with a tether model
  • VeSyMA – Motorsports includes:
    • The extract setup function now supports generating a json file as well as a Modelica record
    • A new quasi-static experiment is added
  • VeSyMA – Driver-in-the-Loop
    • Supports code generation in both Dymola 2018 and Dymola 2018 FD01
    • Tested with rFpro 2017b

Customers with a valid support and maintenance agreement can download the new Claytex libraries.

Please contact Claytex to obtain the download link.


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