Future Vehicle Feature Claytex – LCV2022 Show Issue

Steve Welch, editor of ‘future vehicle’ spoke to Claytex MD Mike Dempsey about the launch of our new brand AVSandbox.

Test, develop and deploy

Vehicle simulation is widely agreed to be the only way OEMs and suppliers can safely demonstrate that autonomous vehicle systems are ready for the road, and in the UK, the leader is Claytex. The company was acquired by TECHNIA, this year, and the business has recently launched a new brand, AVSandbox – its new test environment that will help develop, test and approve autonomous vehicles under the new EU regulations.

future vehicle – LCV2022 Show Issue

Claytex has built a global reputation for vehicle modelling and simulation, so why start a sub-brand? “A sandbox is where you can kind of go and play with your software, try it out, test new ideas. The name encapsulates all that we’re doing: providing AV developers with a safe environment to test, simulate and experiment without risk. It’s a place to push boundaries and define them” says Claytex MD Mike Dempsey.

AVSandbox is built on solid foundations, using Claytex’s expertise in DYMOLA to create, test and deploy AV solutions. Specially, the new solution will enable vehicle manufacturers to work toward inherent safety by design for autonomous vehicles. As the technology matures and automation is introduced into more and more new cars, regulators need to catch up – and AVSandbox can help.

Read the full article here: Test, develop and deploy

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