Load or Open? Save All, Save or Save Total?

This blog post seeks to clear your doubts on managing libraries and models.

When should we Load or Open a library? When should we use Save All, Save or Save Total? Using the right option for what you are wanting to achieve can save you and other colleagues and developers a great deal of time.

Load or Open?

The main difference between these two File menu options is that Load (Ctrl + Shift + O) will load a model or library into the package browser and retain the working directory location that was active, before the loading took place. Using Open (Ctrl + O), on the other hand, will change the current working directory to the directory of the .mo or .moe file you have just opened. We recommend using Load so that you do not accidentally change the working directory. We also recommend not trying to use a library directory as a working directory.

On the working directory note, within the same File menu you are able to change the working directory and also to set a new one to be the default one instead of Documents/Dymola.

Figure: Screenshot of the File menu in Dymola 2021x
Figure: Screenshot of the File menu in Dymola 2021x

Save All, Save or Save Total?

Here it’s pretty simple.

  • Save – Saves the currently selected modelica class (look at the top bar in Dymola to see which modelica class is currently selected). If the selected class is a package, Dymola will save the package and all of its contents.
  • Save All – Save all the modified classes that you have open (Ctrl+Shift+S is a very useful shortcut to remember!)
  • Save Total… – Save the current model and all the classes used by that model to a single file.

N.B Do not use the Save Total option for developing libraries; it should only be used for support requests and for sending an example of a model to another person for non-development work.

  • Useful for sending models to support at Dassault Systemes or Claytex
  • Ensures the recipient sees exactly the same model that you are running
  • Option to store resources (tables, image files, etc.) to accompany the save total

Also see our previous blog post at The Dymola Save Total Option

Written by: Alessandro Picarelli – Engineering Director

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