Key Features

Modelica language

Dymola fully supports the Modelica modelling language which is an open standard developed by the Modelica Association.  Modelica is an open source, component orientated, physical modelling language.

FMI import and export

Dymola supports the FMI standard for model exchange.  It can import and export FMU’s that are compliant with FMI 1.0, FMI 2.0 and both model exchange and co-simulation aspects of the standard.  A Simulink Coder target is also provided to compile Simulink models into FMU’s.

Component orientated

Modelica libraries contain objects that represent physical components such as valves, resistors, gears.  Models are created graphically by drag and drop to build a schematic of the system.

Modelica libraries

An extensive range of Modelica application libraries are available covering many different engineering domains and industries.  These libraries cover domains such as hydraulics and mechanics as well as applications like vehicle dynamics, engines and buildings.

Real-time simulation

Dymola supports real-time simulation with many HiL platforms including dSpace, Concurrent, xPC and many others that support Simulink or FMI.  Complete MultiBody vehicle dynamics models can be run in real-time.

Symbolic manipulation

Dymola uses symbolic manipulation to give it outstanding performance for solving differential algebraic equations (DAE). These routines also handle algebraic loops and reduced degrees-of-freedom caused by constraints.

Optional Features

Binary model export

Enables the export of models as executables, dll’s, fmu’s and s-functions for distribution to many other users

Simulink Interface

Dymola can export models to run as s-functions in Simulink making them fully compatible with HiL platforms supported by Simulink.

Design Optimisation

The Dymola Optimisation option supports multiple parameter, multiple case optimisation studies to help explore the design space and optimise the performance.

Source code export

The source code generation option enables models to be exported as platform independent C code so that the model can be integrated with your own solvers and platforms.

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Demo Download

A demonstration version of Dymola is available for download. It gives you access to the core functionality of Dymola and the ability to build and simulate simple Modelica models but it doesn’t include access to any of the optional features or Modelica libraries. Full on-line documentation is available from within Dymola and contains a Getting Started guide and Reference Manuals.

There are some restrictions in the demo version and these can be overcome by applying for an evaluation license:

  • Complex models cannot be simulated
  • Only one external function call is allowed

The demo version can be downloaded using the button below and completing the online form.

The following documents are also available for download:

Any questions or queries, or if you’d like to apply for an evaluation license, please get in touch.


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