ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle International Feature Claytex

Ahead of the ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo 2023, California, ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle International magazine feature Claytex highlighting the pivotal role simulation plays in safely validating AV and ADAS technologies, a sentiment AVSandbox developed by Claytex, embodies at its core.

ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle International Magazine – July Issue

As we stand at the forefront of simulation capabilities, we must consider the challenges that remain and find unique solutions to overcome them. How detailed should a digital twin of the real world, the vehicle, and all relevant components be? How closely do sensor models need to correlate with reality? Can we leverage cloud technology for massive simulations to gain performance insights? How do we identify critical scenarios (edge cases) without driving millions of real-world or virtual miles? These are the questions that Claytex’s solution, AVSandbox, answers confidently.

AVSandbox integrates an extremely accurate and detailed simulation environment with physics based, advanced sensors and vehicle dynamics into the process of developing, verifying, and validating AV driving functions. Built upon rFpro, it tests your system against countless scenarios, diverse and challenging edge cases, as well as routine driving operations, providing valuable support in your journey to develop and validate AV safety.

The goal is to construct an environment so realistic that your AV cannot distinguish between a ‘real world’ environment or a simulated one. By merging sensor simulation, a class-leading millimetre accurate simulation environment, and physics-based vehicle dynamics, we deliver an unparalleled simulation environment in which to immerse your AV. To achieve this, our simulation platform includes multiple vehicle and sensor models, traffic and pedestrian controllers, and tools to define scenarios, manage simulations, and analyse results.

Read the full article here: AVSandbox: Advanced Simulation System

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