Future Propulsion Conference 2024 – 28th & 29th February, National Motorcycle Museum

Claytex will exhibit at the Future Propulsion Conference 2024.

The Future Propulsion Conference is an annual two day UK event created to bring together industry and academic experts within the powertrain development field. It will open up presentations and discussions on the solutions to the challenges faced by the engineering industry in the UK and internationally over the next ten years.

We're exhibiting at FPC2024.

Meet with Claytex

On our stand, we will be showcasing our range of Systems Engineering and Simulation Solutions including Dymola, VeSyMA and AVSandbox.

Claytex, a TECHNIA Company, delivers exceptional tools at the cutting edge of vehicle simulation. With over 20 years of system simulation experience using Dymola and Modelica in the Motorsport and Automotive sectors, we know that no single challenge is the same. So, we apply an adaptable, flexible and solution-oriented approach, empowering our customers to achieve their technical and business objectives.

AVSandbox, the autonomous vehicle simulation solution developed by Claytex, is built around rFpro and provides physics-based sensor models enabling automotive manufacturers to test, develop and deploy AV solutions into the real world without compromising on safety.

New project brief, including Fuel cell bus

Exploration of new technologies is a key aspect of maintaining Claytex’s position at the forefront of vehicle simulation. Realising Dymola’s multidomain support and applying our multiphysics expertise, we conducted a technical exercise in modelling a hypothetical Hydrogen Fuel Cell bus.

Utilising Modelica based Fuel Cell models from our partner Dassault Systèmes, a high level of detail was achieved. Physical air and hydrogen fuel supply systems were integrated with an electro-chemical fuel cell model, with a separate cooling and electrical system completing the ancillary arrangement. To complete the picture, a physics-based HVAC and cabin thermal model were included to better represent the actual use case such a bus would undergo. Putting the model through its paces in a drive cycle experiment revealed the ancillary system management (fuel/reactant supply, cooling requirements, exhaust flow management) required to support proper system management.

On the autonomous vehicle side, Claytex have won two Innovate UK Government funded projects. They lead the Sim4CAMSens project with the aim to enable accurate representation of ADS sensors in simulation; and partner in the DeepSafe – a dRISK led consortium, developing the simulation-based training needed to train AVs to handle ‘edge cases’, the rare, unexpected driving scenario they must be prepared to encounter on the road.

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Future Propulsion Conference 2024

FPC2024 Seminar Programme

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