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Claytex Launches AVSandbox, Autonomous Vehicle Simulation Solution

Press Release Leamington Spa, UKJune 21st, 2022  Claytex, a TECHNIA Company, and a world-leading consultancy, developer and distributor of modeling and simulation solutions for systems engineering announced today it has launched AVSandbox, an autonomous vehicle simulation solution.  AVSandbox is breaking boundaries, enabling automotive manufacturers to test, develop and deploy AV...

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AV Custom Test Metrics Calculators

In the recent year, when discussing with businesses in the CAV sector, we can clearly observe a great variety of projects, with very different goals emerging. This makes the process of validating these systems a challenging task due to the different requirements to validate each system. To face these...

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AVS – Manual Test Series Generation

Claytex continues to invest in the important development of automated testing methodologies for autonomous vehicles, as well as researching how to define safety and quantify it. Both topics are crucial to define and optimise AV testing. However, in many cases, having a fully automated test series generation can mean...

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