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Simulation: not just a buzz word

As vehicles are getting more complex as integrated mechatronic systems, approaches which are cross-disciplinary using simulation are now vital. Development processes need to be able to capture and understand all the permutations of each design change or choice, which cannot be easily discretised into singular studies, whether physical or...

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Pre-processing .mat files

This post looks at automating pre-processing of .mat files within the Modelica model. Differing formats Occasionally the data you have is not in the format required by the Modelica model. So, the data will have to be pre-processed. This can be done by pre-processing all the data. Alternatively this...

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Universal Rail Joint

Universal Rail Joint

There are several libraries that provide elemental components such as common multibody joints, mathematical blocks, functions and electrical components. These, in my opinion, can be one of the most useful types of libraries in any application. This is because they are not designed for any particular application; they are...

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