The following table contains links to technical papers and presentations published by engineers working at Claytex and in many cases in collaboration with our customers.

Fault Insertion for Controller Calibration in a Range of Engine Models – Modelica Conference 2019 (PaperVideo) *** New ***

System level heat pump model for investigations into thermal management of electric vehicles at low temperatures – Modelica Conference 2019 *** New ***

Virtual testing of powertrain systems – Future Powertrain Conference 2019 ***New***

Thermal management in Battery – Electric & Hybrid Vehicles in Cold Climate – SAE 2018

Hybridisation and splitting of a crank angle resolved internal combustion engine model using a mean value intake for real-time performance – American Modelica Conference 2018

Complex Heat Pump Operational Mode Identification and Comparison for Use in Electric Vehicles – Energies 2018

Dual-Clutch Transmission Model Reduction Function – Japanese Modelica Conference 2018

VeSyMA (Vehicle Systems Modelling & Analysis) Platform, Industrial Paper – Japanese Modelica Conference 2018

Use of a Thermal Battery with a Heat Pump for Low Temperature Electric Vehicle Operation – IEEE 2017

Modelling Methodologies for Studying the Effects of Energy Efficient Glazing on Cabin Thermal Energy and Vehicle Efficiency – IMechE Simulation and Modelling Conference 2017

Investigating the Effect of a Sonic Restrictor in the Intake of an Engine – Modelica Conference 2017 

Model Reduction Techniques Applied to a Physical Vehicle Model for HiL Testing – Modelica Conference 2017 (Paper & Poster)

Engine Thermal Shock Testing Prediction through Coolant & Lubricant Cycling in Dymola – Modelica Conference 2017

Reducing physical testing in the calibration of diagnostic & driveability features – Future Powertrain Conference 2017

Model-based Real-time Systems Engineering – Powertrain Modelling & Control Conference 2016 – (Paper & Presentation)

Combining Optimisation with Dymola to Calibrate a 2-zone Predictive Combustion Model – Optimised Engineering Design Conference 2016

Investigating the effect of gearbox preconditioning on vehicle efficiency – High-Tech Systems Conference 2015

Modelling the effects of energy efficient glazing on cabin thermal energy & vehicle efficiency – Modelica Conference 2015

Predicting the Effect of Gearbox Preconditioning on Vehicle Efficiency – Modelica Conference 2015

Using physical models for powertrain and control system dvelopment – Future Powertrain Conference 2015

A multi-domain thermo-fluid approach to optimising HVAC systems – IMA Conference 2014

Thermal shock testing for Engines in Dymola – Modelica Conference 2014

Simulating the complete 2014 hybrid electric Formula 1 cars – Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Conference 2014 – (Paper & Video)

Detailed Powertrain Dynamics Modelling in Dymola – Modelica – IFAC Symposium 2013

Natural frequency analysis of Modelica powertrain models – Modelica Conference 2012

Predicting the launch feel of automatic and dual clutch transmissions – Modelica Conference 2012


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