The following table contains links to technical papers and presentations published by engineers working at Claytex and in many cases in collaboration with our customers.

High-Fidelity Multiphysics FCEV bus study with detailed HVAC, cabin & Hydrogen Fuel Cell models – Asian Modelica Conference 2022, Japan (Paper & Video) ***New***

Dymola and Simulink in co-simulation a vehicle electronic stability control case study – American Modelica Conference 2020 (PaperVideo)

Fault Insertion for Controller Calibration in a Range of Engine Models – Modelica Conference 2019 (PaperVideo)

System level heat pump model for investigations into thermal management of electric vehicles at low temperatures – Modelica Conference 2019

Virtual testing of powertrain systems – Future Powertrain Conference 2019

Thermal management in Battery – Electric & Hybrid Vehicles in Cold Climate – SAE 2018

Hybridisation and splitting of a crank angle resolved internal combustion engine model using a mean value intake for real-time performance – American Modelica Conference 2018

Complex Heat Pump Operational Mode Identification and Comparison for Use in Electric Vehicles – Energies 2018

Dual-Clutch Transmission Model Reduction Function – Japanese Modelica Conference 2018

VeSyMA (Vehicle Systems Modelling & Analysis) Platform, Industrial Paper – Japanese Modelica Conference 2018

Use of a Thermal Battery with a Heat Pump for Low Temperature Electric Vehicle Operation – IEEE 2017

Modelling Methodologies for Studying the Effects of Energy Efficient Glazing on Cabin Thermal Energy and Vehicle Efficiency – IMechE Simulation and Modelling Conference 2017

Investigating the Effect of a Sonic Restrictor in the Intake of an Engine – Modelica Conference 2017 

Model Reduction Techniques Applied to a Physical Vehicle Model for HiL Testing – Modelica Conference 2017 (Paper & Poster)

Engine Thermal Shock Testing Prediction through Coolant & Lubricant Cycling in Dymola – Modelica Conference 2017

Reducing physical testing in the calibration of diagnostic & driveability features – Future Powertrain Conference 2017

Model-based Real-time Systems Engineering – Powertrain Modelling & Control Conference 2016 – (Paper & Presentation)

Combining Optimisation with Dymola to Calibrate a 2-zone Predictive Combustion Model – Optimised Engineering Design Conference 2016

Investigating the effect of gearbox preconditioning on vehicle efficiency – High-Tech Systems Conference 2015

Modelling the effects of energy efficient glazing on cabin thermal energy & vehicle efficiency – Modelica Conference 2015

Predicting the Effect of Gearbox Preconditioning on Vehicle Efficiency – Modelica Conference 2015

Using physical models for powertrain and control system dvelopment – Future Powertrain Conference 2015

A multi-domain thermo-fluid approach to optimising HVAC systems – IMA Conference 2014

Thermal shock testing for Engines in Dymola – Modelica Conference 2014

Simulating the complete 2014 hybrid electric Formula 1 cars – Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Conference 2014 – (Paper & Video)

Detailed Powertrain Dynamics Modelling in Dymola – Modelica – IFAC Symposium 2013

Natural frequency analysis of Modelica powertrain models – Modelica Conference 2012

Predicting the launch feel of automatic and dual clutch transmissions – Modelica Conference 2012


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