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VeSyMA – Suspensions Library

VeSyMA - Suspensions Library

Written by: David Briant – Project Engineer A recent addition to the Dassault Systemes Dymola portfolio is the Suspensions library, developed by Claytex, built on the platform of the VeSyMA Library. This library focuses on the development of suspension systems primarily for the investigation of vehicle handling, including road, driver...

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VeSyMA – Powertrain Library

VeSyMA - Powertrain Library

Written by: Romain Gillot – Project Engineer The VeSyMA – Powertrain library (also known as “PTDynamics” library) is a library developed by Claytex for modelling rotating MultiBody systems, mainly automotive powertrains. It is built on the VeSyMA library and is fully compatible with the Modelica Standard and VehicleInterfaces libraries. The purpose...

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VeSyMA Library

VeSyMA Library

Written by: Theodor Ensbury – Project Engineer ‘Building on the Modelica solutions we have developed over the past 10 years, Claytex has created VeSyMA. This is a new platform for Vehicle Systems Modelling and Analysis created using Modelica and available for Dymola.’ Comprised of top-level and sub-system templates and interfaces, the...

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