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What’s new in Dymola 2013

What's new in Dymola 2013

The new release of Dymola 2013 brings a variety of new features and improvements to assist the user.  Some of the highlights are: Submodel aggregation, providing a convenient way to create submodels from selected sets of components in a few clicks of the mouse. This feature will be elaborated...

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Dymola-Simulink interface

Interfacing Dymola and Simulink is quite straight forward. In this example I will look at exporting a simple driven pendulum model from Dymola to Simulink as an s-function. First, create a copy of the example model  Modelica.Mechanics.MultiBody.Examples.Elementary.Pendulum model and call it DrivenPendulum. To setup the model for use in...

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Resizing the Diagram layer

Resizing the Diagram layer

By increasing the size of the diagram layer we gain more space to layout graphical model diagrams.  To change the size of the diagram follow these steps: Select the class whose diagram layer you wish to resize by double clicking on it in the package browser In Modelling mode,...

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