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What’s new in Dymola 2020?

What's new in Dymola 2020?

With the release of the latest version of Dymola, 2020, comes a slew of new features. Notably, this version of Dymola arrives with the latest edition of the Modelica Standard Library, version 3.2.3. Here’s a selection of the highlights in Dymola 2020. Plotting connector variables Earlier, my colleague Alessandro...

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The Dymola Startup Configuration

The Dymola Startup Configuration

This post describes how to configure Dymola so that on startup you can set the directory, load a library and set other features. When Dymola is started the dymola.mos file is run at startup (i.e. <Dymola installation directory>insertdymola.mos).  By default the script should look something like this: The RunScript...

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