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Animation of Scenarios

Simulation can be a time-consuming process between creating test scenarios, running simulations and verifying the results, especially if something goes wrong. Whether it’s a vehicle not behaving as you would expect or some interaction between vehicles causing one or more to stop following the route they are given, it...

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AV Custom Test Metrics Calculators

In the recent year, when discussing with businesses in the CAV sector, we can clearly observe a great variety of projects, with very different goals emerging. This makes the process of validating these systems a challenging task due to the different requirements to validate each system. To face these...

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Introduction to Supervised Learning

Though there are many definitions of machine learning (“ML”), the principal idea is to give an algorithm the ability to improve without programming it explicitly. It gets around the fact that the set of all possible behaviours given all possible inputs quickly becomes too complex to describe and programme...

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