Glossary of terms

This is a glossary of terms used when talking about Dymola and Modelica. Class All of the following are defined as a Modelica Class: Record – used to define data structures Block – fixed causality normally used within control systems Types – can be used to extend built-in types....

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Explore the spread of DYMOLA at TOYOTA

Dymola is used in many divisions at Toyota including Engine, Drivetrain and Chassis. In the Drivetrain division, acceleration performance and noise vibration are being evaluated. In the Engine division, Toyota engineers have constructed an Engine library for Diesel Engine Control. Using the model, we have analysed behaviour of mass...

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Reusing models for different analysis

Reusing models for different analysis

Component and system models can be defined once and then reused for different types of analysis. This is achieved by simply changing the boundary conditions that we impose on the model. Symbolic manipulation automatically rearranges the model equations. The example below illustrates how a hybrid powertrain model can be...

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Engines Library Released

Claytex have released a brand new Modelica Library for Engine modelling. The Engines library is capable of modelling both Spark Ignition and Compression Ignition engines and is split into two variants with different levels of fidelity. The Mean Value version of the Engines library predicts the cycle averaged intake...

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