Adding signal operations to plots

Adding signal operations to plots

Besides plotting general expressions, Dymola 2013 FD01 allows the user a straightforward calculation of several relevant magnitudes in a plot window. To select this, right-click on a plotted signal and select Signal Operators. A menu will be displayed with the following list of applicable operators, which can be used...

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Dymola 2013 FD01 Released

We are happy to announce that Dymola 2013 FD01 is now available.  This new release of Dymola includes the following enhancements: Model editing and navigation Quick access to favourite models and create your own collection of models from different sources. Extend the user interface with custom menus and toolbars....

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What’s New in Reqtify 2012-2a

What's New in Reqtify 2012-2a

Reqtify is a requirement engineering tool, which allows requirements to be captured from any source to perform traceability and impact analysis across the entire project lifecycle.  The latest Reqtify release includes a number of new features and interfaces, as well as updates and fixes.  Some of the highlights are: Graphical...

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Claytex are Exhibiting at the Integrated Powertrain Engineering Fuel Economy Congress, 28th – 29th November 2012, Mayfair, London.

Clearly, with aggressive emissions targets and rising fuel prices, it is now more important than ever for automakers to develop a clear, integrated powertrain strategy for cost effectively achieving fuel economy and reducing emissions. But where can the biggest gains be made to optimise overall efficiency of the powertrain?...

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Claytex are Exhibiting at the Sustainable Vehicle Technologies, 14-15 November, 2012 Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon

Join us at this innovative conference to examine the latest advances in vehicle technology with a view towards understanding the consequences of carbon dioxide reduction over the entire vehicle lifecycle. The comprehensive industry-focused programme also analyses environmental pollution and goals for delivering low carbon vehicles and includes speakers from...

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