Dymola 2023x Available

Dymola 2023x Available

Dassault Systemes have announced the availability of a new version of Dymola. The key highlights of Dymola 2023x release are: Additions and improvements in Dymola A number of improvements and additions have been implemented in Dymola 2023x. In particular, Dymola 2023x provides: • Support for FMI 3.0• Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2022...

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Solution Selection in Suspension Aggregate Joints for Improved Performance

Our motorsport library development originated from the need for real-time capable suspensions models to support hardware, software and driver-in-the-loop simulations in motorsport. To enable this innovative aggregate joint models were developed which are specifically designed idealised joints for real-time applications. Featuring a different concept of force and angle calculation,...

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