Dymola and Modelica Explained

Over the years I have come to realise that there are misunderstandings about what Dymola and the modelling language Modelica are and how they relate to one another. This blog post seeks to address the confusion. Dymola (DYnamic MOdelling LAboratory) is a user interface and Modelica language compiler owned...

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More Dymola Tips and Tricks

Here are a couple more Dymola tips and tricks that you may want to incorporate into your daily Dymola work. Mark a model as the ‘Simulation Model’ How often has this happened to you?  You’re modifying a sub-component of your simulation model and once you complete the change, quickly...

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Playing Pool in Dymola

While developing libraries there are many ideas that dawn on me that are normally accompanied by the phrase “How hard could it be to….”. This is the result of one of those thoughts. While developing ground contact models for our VeSyMA – Motorsports, 1D and 2D tests were created...

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