New Features in Dymola 2019

Dymola 2019 is now out and there are many new features that have been added to this new release. More information on these can be found in the official Dymola 2019 Release Notes. DAE mode for more efficient simulation of large models Improved initial guesses for equations in the...

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How to Debug an Engine Model

This blog post describes a procedure to debug a crank-angle resolved engine model (CAREM) in Dymola. It helps narrow down to the cause of the problem in case the engine runs but does not produce the expected results. A CAREM is a multi-domain (mechanics, fluids, thermal, electrical) model so...

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Dymola provides a means to measure where the CPU time is being spent in the model code execution. This feature is known as profiling. Profiling is described in Section 5.7.5 of the Dymola User Manual Volume 1.  This blog article supplies further information. Profiling is implemented by inserting timers...

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FMI Blockset for Cloud Simulation

The FMI Blockset for Cloud allows co-simulation FMUs to be simulated in the cloud using a REST API. By deploying this as an Amazon Lambda Function we can build powerful and flexible simulation applications that provide a browser based user interface. The goal is to provide a simulation platform...

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Multiple object swapping in one go

This blog post follows on from a previous one, Speed up creating your system models, that writes about tips for speeding up model development and editing within the diagram layer. Simple but effective changes in the way we work with models can yield much faster model architecture alterations and...

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Vehicle Setup using VeSyMA Motorsports

A key feature of the VeSyMA Motorsports library is the adjustments in the suspensions models which allows vehicle setup. These replicate the physical adjustments available on a race car, such as shims, preload adjusters and variable mounting positions. With 20+ adjustments available in a suspension model, a setup experiment...

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