Result plotting made easier

I am always of the opinion that a large amount of small tweaks to the way we work every day will not only make our modelling more efficient, but also more enjoyable. So, here’s another relatively small tip that will speed up your modelling available in Dymola 2020 onwards....

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Dangerous Trailer Dynamics

With summer time approaching numbers of caravans and trailers on the roads skyrockets with people heading off for their holidays. Invariably this means, up and down the country, there are incidents involving trailers and caravans, predominantly on fast paced roads. So what makes a safe car and trailer combination,...

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The “Resources” folder

It is good coding practice to store files used by a library in a Resources folder. This post looks at the typical Resources folder structure, the advantages of using the Resources directory and how to reference files in the Resources folder. What is the “Resources” folder? When creating a...

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