Playing Pool in Dymola

While developing libraries there are many ideas that dawn on me that are normally accompanied by the phrase “How hard could it be to….”. This is the result of one of those thoughts. While developing ground contact models for our VeSyMA – Motorsports, 1D and 2D tests were created...

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What’s new in Dymola 2020?

With the release of the latest version of Dymola, 2020, comes a slew of new features. Notably, this version of Dymola arrives with the latest edition of the Modelica Standard Library, version 3.2.3. Here’s a selection of the highlights in Dymola 2020. Plotting connector variables Earlier, my colleague Alessandro...

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Shopping Trolley or Shopping Cart?

Since moving from the UK to the USA in 2018, I’ve noticed various little differences beyond the obvious between the two countries. Some are positive differences, like actual sunshine, decently sized parking spaces, drive-thru post boxes and cheap petrol. Other differences however are less than ideal, such as polar...

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Result plotting made easier

I am always of the opinion that a large amount of small tweaks to the way we work every day will not only make our modelling more efficient, but also more enjoyable. So, here’s another relatively small tip that will speed up your modelling available in Dymola 2020 onwards....

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