INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT Increasingly complex multi-domain equipment and stringent certification requirements require a connected toolchain to link requirements, to design and test results

Multi-domain models

Dymola has an extensive range of Modelica libraries covering mechanics, hydraulics, electrical, thermal and control systems

Extensive model reuse

Define a component or subsystem model once and then easily reuse by sharing Modelica libraries

Document as you go

Every model includes a documentation layer plus the Dymola command window keeps track of the simulations and plots you produce

Automate requirements traceability

Reqtify connects to your existing toolchain to trace requirements and link them to designs, code and test results

Certification and quality tracking

Automate the generation of documentation using Reqtify to map the project and collate the information for the certification authorities

Model based control development

ControlBuild enables a model driven development approach for safety critical control systems


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