Flight dynamics simulation Solutions for the development and testing of fixed wing and multi-rotor aircraft covering flight dynamics and systems integration. The versatility of the solution enables the analysis of a range of configurations thanks to a modular plug-and-play approach to the component selection. Open standards and full access to the code enables customization and extension of the contents to cover any type of architecture.

Physical models

The seamless integration of electrical, thermal, mechanical domains and the environment allow component matching to take place through optimization routines and from desktop prior to physical prototypes being created. The physical models are more than real time capable.

Model export

The model code can be compiled to be independent of licence. This allows the models to be distributed and embedded onto controllers for predictive range calculations taking into account environmental, payload and mission inputs. The model export can also be used to export models for use in other environments such as Matlab Simulink.

Scalable model detail

Scale your overall or specific subsystem detail to suit your analysis and optimize the balance between detail and simulation performance. From inverse models, where objectives can be dialed in as boundary conditions, to forward dynamic models that range from map based to fully predictive equation based, the choice lies entirely with the user.

Dynamics and system response

Amongst the many aspects of the dynamics modelling capability of the library, variable payload capability can be exploited to analyse the controller robustness for a range of real world scenarios. When coupled to our MultiRun tool, 1000s of scenarios can be run in parallel on multiple cores and compared to previous design iterations.

Fault injection

Physical fault injection such as short and open circuits, battery cell failure, internal combustion engine faults and mechanical failures enables critical safety aspects to be investigated. The predictive multi-body dynamics capture the consequences of component failure on the overall drone allowing the fail safe design of the entire system in a virtual environment.

Python and Java interfaces

Using the built-in Python and Java interfaces we can run and control the physical models externally using either of these languages.

Dymola Dymola logo Component orientated physical modelling of multi-domain systems using the Modelica modelling language Flight Dynamics For multi-disciplinary flight dynamics models of aircraft, such as transport and military aircraft, UAVs, or airships. Flight Dynamics Powertrain Batteries, motors, power electronics and related powertrain components for studying the propulsion systems Electric Power MultiRun MultiRun tool for Dymola Parallel simulation of Dymola models with automated comparison against existing results to identify changes FMI FMI logo Using FMI we can help you maximise the value in your models by making them more accessible in other tools. rFpro rFpro logo Virtual test environment with accurate digital twins of real-world locations and support for human-in-the-loop and HiL. Training Training Instructor led training courses covering Dymola, Modelica, and rFpro. All delivered online via web meetings Modelica Libraries Modelica Libraries Logo Wide range of Modelica application libraries for flight dynamics, batteries, powertrain, hydraulics and more Fuel Cell Fuel Cells The Hydrogen library contains components for modeling of PEM fuel cell stacks and fuel cell systems Batteries Battery Library Components for the modelling of cells and battery packs in a wide range of applications, including automotive. HVAC HVAC Solutions covering refrigeration cycles, heat pump systems, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Fluid Power For modelling hydraulic systems such as those found in aircraft, cars, and many other types of machine


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