Dymola Academic Learn

Dymola is available in two academic configurations called Academic Learn and Academic Innovate. These are full featured packages and include the same features and capabilities as the equivalent commercial version.The bundles are available as individual research licenses or in large numbers for classroom teaching usage.

Motorsport Research and Teaching

Dymola and the motorsport solutions from Claytex are used in Formula 1, Indycar and NASCAR to model all aspects of a race car. The same solutions are available for use in academic research and for teaching.  In addition our solutions are also used by Formula Student teams.

The Academic Learn package contains the following Modelica Libraries:

The Academic Learn package also contains the following Dymola options:

  • Simulink Interface

The Dymola Academic Innovate package includes the following Modelica libraries:

For universities interested in using Dymola for Motorsport research and teaching, Claytex offers academic versions of the VeSyMA – Motorsports Library.

In addition the following Dymola options are included:

  • Simulink Interface
  • Design Optimisation

The Dymola classroom licenses are available in either Academic Learn or Academic Innovate configurations.  These packages consist of 1 license for the teacher/lecturer and a group of 25 licenses that can be deployed across a classroom network.

These are fully featured licenses, identical in capability to the normal academic licenses.

Student licenses of Dymola are available through your academic institution.  These are available as Academic Learn or Academic Innovate packages and offer time limited access to Dymola and the libraries.

The student licenses do have some limitations in functionality and do not give access to the full capabilities of Dymola.  They are suitable for undergraduate and masters degree type projects.


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