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What does Reqtify do?

Reqtify captures, in one location, all your project requirements and their links to specifications, hardware and software implementations and test cases. Reqtify extracts this data from the existing files and databases created by your current suite of tools. By creating this global overview of your project, Reqtify can perform traceability and impact analysis to identify issues, such as unfilled requirements and the effect of potential changes up and downstream. Reqtify automatically detects changes in your source files and reanalyses the project to provide an up-to-date picture.

Reqtify enables organisations, and other project stakeholders, to effectively manage their requirement engineering process and to ensure compliance with standards such as ISO61508, ISO26262, Spice, DO178C, DO258, FDA, GAMP, CMMI and many more.

By automating this process using a fast and intuitive tool to analyse the data across different systems, programs and project levels, Reqtify releases you to manage your requirement implementation and verification.

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