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Reqtify Key Benefits:

reqtify coverage analysis
reqtify graphical impact analysis
Systems Engineering Process
reqtify project overview

What does Reqtify do?

Reqtify captures, in one location, all your project requirements and their links to specifications, hardware and software implementations and test cases. Reqtify extracts this data from the existing files and databases created by your current suite of tools.

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Interfaces to engineering tools

Reqtify provides connectors to a wide range of engineering tools to ensure that it can easily be integrated into your existing engineering process and start improving the project quality. It offers the most comprehensive list of interfaces on the market, ensuring compliance with your engineering needs.

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Screenshots showing the different views and analysis screens available in Reqtify

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Demo Video

A short YouTube video has been produced to provide a quick introduction to Reqtify.

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Drive ISO26262 compliance

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