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Airbus has deployed Reqtify across all the software and hardware projects for their aircraft programs.

Reqtify was initially developed in 2000, based on a specification from Airbus to support the A340 and A380 projects. Since then, Reqtify has been widely deployed on software and hardware projects, and is now used by several hundred engineers from Airbus and its subcontractors. Reqtify has been DO-178B qualified as a verification tool for the AIRBUS process.

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Alstom have used Reqtify to enable them to deploy a requirements engineering approach across all their projects.

As part of their transformation from a document driven engineering process to a model driven process, Reqtify has been introduced to provide the traceability graph on existing documents and highlight “holes” and process violations. It has improved production and maintainability of traceability evidences, and has been fully integrated into the development and validation environment.

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PSA Peugeot Citroen

Reqtify in support of Embedded Systems development at PSA.

PSA uses Reqtify in embedded electronics (EE) systems design for requirement traceability and coverage analysis, as well as requirement change measurement and inconsistency check.

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