Vehicle Interfaces

This Modelica library provides standard interface definitions for automotive subsystems and vehicle models. These are designed to promote compatibility between the various automotive libraries and provide a flexible, powerful structure for vehicle modelling. The focus of the library is on defining the interfaces for the individual subsystems (engine, driveline, chassis, etc.) and a number of vehicle model examples are included to demonstrate how they are used.

Vehicle model architecture diagrams

For each of the vehicle subsystems the connections to other subsystems are standardised but still allow the model fidelity to vary significantly.  For example, the driveline could be modelled as a simple 1D Rotational system as in the Vehicle Interfaces basic example but it can also be modelled as a detailed MultiBody system as in the PTDynamics example.

Simple 1D driveline model using Vehicle Interfaces architecture     Complex Multibody driveline model using Vehicle Interfaces architecture

The Vehicle Interfaces library is used by the following Automotive libraries: Alternative Vehicles, Engines, Powertrain Dynamics and Smart Electric Drive Libraries and it is compatible with the Vehicle Dynamics and VDLMotorsports libraries.

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