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TIL Suite contains libraries for steady state and transient simulation of thermodynamic systems. TIL Suite consist of the following components:

  • TIL – model library for components of thermal systems
  • TILMedia – model library providing thermo-physical properties
  • TILFileReader – Imports tabular data from files
  • Model library for components of thermal systems

    The modelling library TIL is based on a flat, object-oriented structure, whereby the structure of the simulated model is always visible. The user can easily add new models by extending or modifying the provided models as the source code is visible. In this manner even complex thermodynamic components remain easily understandable and adaptable. TIL is used to model the following systems:

    • Cooling circuits
    • Heat pumps
    • Ejector refrigeration cycles
    • Hydraulic systems
    • Rankine-cycle processes
    • Heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems
    TIL Library in Dymola
  • Model library providing thermo-physical properties

    TILMedia provides models for the efficient calculation of thermo-physical properties of media (i.e. working fluids).

    TILMedia includes its own implementations of the media properties, some of which are real-time capable. It also includes interfaces to established material data libraries, such as REFPROP.

    TIL Media models
  • Imports tabular data from files

    TILFileReader provides routines to read tabular data (csv files and Dymola result files) so that this can be easily integrated into the simulation model.

    This can be used to embed test data in to a simulation making it very easy to compare and validate the model with measured data. The implementation avoids state events and provides a number of different interpolation methods for use with the data.

    TIL File Reader
  • Technical Papers

    TLK Thermo, the developers of the TIL Suite have a list of published papers available on their website.

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