Thermal Power Library

Thermal power library


The Thermal Power Library is a Dymola library for modelling complete thermal power systems for design and analysis. It is used for the design and commissioning of thermal power plants including steam and combined cycle power plants. The applications include commissioning, control strategy development and tuning, design verification and analysis of the plant dynamics.

Key Features
Library Contents
    • Covers the complete steam cycle and the flue gas side.
    • Wide range of componetns, correlations and media models.
    • Flexible and with the right complexity the models can also run in real-time.
    • Compatible with the Electric Power library for islanding operation validation and controls development.
    • Used for the simulation of combined cycle and coal fired power plants, industrial boilers (paper, chemistry, etc.) and nuclear power plants (excluding the neutron dynamics).
    • Well suited for control design and validation.
    Thermal power plant
  • The Thermal Power Library includes the following models:

    • Water side/steam components
      • pipes, valves, volumes, separators
      • Steam turbine, boilers, pumps, …
    • Flue gas components
      • Pipes, valves, volumes, combustor, fan …
    • Coal/gas combustor
    • Heat exchangers, condensers
      • Heat transfer correlations
    • Generator
    • Media
    Thermal Power Library in Dymola
  • Rankine cycle

    Rankine cycle model using water as the working fluid.

    Rankine Cycle in Dymola

    Heat Recovery Steam Generator

    The HRSG is basically a counterflow heat exchanger composed of a series of superheater, boiler and economizer sections positioned from gas inlet to gas outlet to maximize heat recovery and supply the rated steam flow at proper temperature and pressure.

    Heat Recovery Steam Generator

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