Smart Electric Drives Library

Hybrid Car and Model Architecture


The Smart Electric Drives Library allows modelling and simulation of an entire electric drive system and is ideal for simulation of hybrid electrical vehicles and new alternative concepts with electrical auxiliaries. It provides components for modelling any type of electrical drive including energy storage device, power electronics and motor models.

Although the library was developed for modelling electrical drives in automotive hybrid vehicles, it can also be used with any other application. The fidelity of its components varies from the Quasi-Stationary drive models, which are designed for efficient simulation of long duration drive cycles, to detailed Transient drive models that include all the switching effects in the power electronics.

Key Features
Hybrid Electric Drivetrain
Library Contents
    • Simulation of overall electric drive systems including energy storages, converters (power electronics) and controls for electric machines.
    • Simulation of transient effects in electric drives.
    • Development and optimization of various control strategies.
    • Machines from the Modelica Standard Library can be controlled.
    • Quasi stationary models of different machine types are provided.
    • Several different model complexities.
    • Easy to handle models.
    Detailed Electric Drive
  • In hybrid electric vehicles, the electric traction machine has to be torque-controlled. In this example, an induction machine control is based on magnetic field orientation, which allows a fast and accurate torque generation. For the torque controller, flux has to be modelled so that the torque and magnetic field can be controlled independently. Battery supply, dc/ac converter and measurement equipment are also modelled.

    This model of an electric drive can be implemented easily in a longitudinal dynamics simulation of a hybrid electric vehicle. Results when comparing the hybrid vehicle example with a conventional vehicle are also shown.

    Hybrid electric drivetrain example
    • Machines.
      • Direct current machines.
      • Asynchronous induction machines.
      • Permanent magnet synchronous machines.
      • Brushless DC machines.
    • Controls.
      • Voltage/Frequency control.
      • Field oriented control.
      • Speed and position control.
    • Power electronics.
      • Rectifiers (AC/DC-converters).
      • Inverters (DC/AC-converters).
      • DC/DC-converters.
      • Idealized and real converters.
      • PWM (Pulse Width Modulation).
    • Energy storages.
      • Batteries.
      • Supercaps.
      • Fuel cells (PEM).
    • Field of Applications.
      • Hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) in combination with the Powertrain Dynamics Library.
      • Starter / generator.
      • Electrically operated water pump.
      • Electrically operated oil pump.
      • Electrically operated air conditioning system.
      • Industrial drives.
    Smart Electric Drives Library

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