Hydro Power Library

Hydro power library


The HydroPower Library is a Dymola library for modelling complete hydro power plants for design and analysis. It is used to simulate the commissioning of new hydro power plants, for testing new control strategies, for the development and verification of new plant designs and the analysis of waterway dynamics. By modelling the hydro power plant we can reduce the risks of unexpected events and minimise costly tests on the actual plant.

Key Features
Library Contents
    • Models are quickly and intuitively set up by drag-and-drop operations.
    • Flexibility: models and experiments are easy to customize.
    • Integration of hydraulic and / or electrical components.
    • Fast and robust simulations due to the complete, non-linear physical description of open and closed conduits, turbines and the electrical components contained in the models.
    • Well suited for the design of plant control systems.
    • Linearized models for control design can be easily generated.
    • Planning of commissioning tests and procedures.
    • Estimation of possible/necessary start and stop rates of the guide vanes.
    Model of a Hydro power plant connecting to the grid
  • The Hydro Power Library consists of the following packages:

    • Examples: test cases using components from the library (valves, turbines, different configurations of a power plant, etc).
    • Basic: general components like icons, interfaces, records or calculation functions.
    • Controllers and sensors: control models for turbines are included here.
    • Electrical systems: generator, power grid or synchronizer models.
    • Hydro systems: basic components of a hydraulic plant (such as valves or containers) are included here, along with discretized and analytic penstock, surge tank or reservoir models.
    • Mechanical systems: this package implements several turbine models for usage within the library power plant examples.
    • Media: the only fluid taken into account here is cold water with linear compressibility.
    • Sinks and sources: with fixed mass flow rate, pressure, temperature or height.
    • Visualizers.
    Hydro Power Library in Dymola
  • The Hydro Power Library is a tool designed to assist in a number of engineering tasks concerning hydro power plants. Among the most important areas are:

    • Estimation and understanding of waterway dynamics or multiple turbines connected to a common penstock.
    • Planning of commissioning tests and procedures can be set up using the library models, which reduces the risk of unexpected events and minimizes costs.
    • Tuning of controller parameters and testing new control strategies.
    • Estimation of possible / necessary start and stop rates of the guide vanes.
    • Identification of objectives for the water level control, taking into account the influence of plants connected upstream.
    • Analysis of extreme working conditions of the plant, such as load rejection.
    • Advanced analysis and prediction of affects when several hydro power plants are connected in cascade.
    Surge Tank Oscillations
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