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Functional Mock-up Interface

Dymola supports the import and export of FMI compliant models and provides the necessary Simulink Coder (formerly real-time workshop) target to compile a Simulink model to be FMI compliant. This enables existing Simulink models to be compiled and used within Dymola.

To enable FMI compliant models to be used in Simulink, Claytex have developed the FMI Blockset for Simulink.  This tool provides Simulink blocks that support the FMI interface and an editor that enables the model to be configured in Simulink and parameters changed.

The first version of the FMI standard has been defined as part of the MODELISAR project and is designed to allow models from several tools to be compiled with a standard api so that they can be easily coupled together for co-simulation. The FMI standard is now being developed by the Modelica Association as a separate project to the Modelica modelling language and the current details can be found at https://www.fmi-standard.org/.

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