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Dymola for physical modelling and simulation using Modelica

Dymola is a physical modelling and simulation tool, used for model based design of complex engineering systems.

Multi-domain libraries covering the mechanical, electrical, control, thermal, pneumatic, hydraulic, powertrain, thermodynamics, vehicle dynamics, air-conditioning domains can be coupled together to form a single complete model of the system.  Dymola is used by companies operating in many industries including automotive, aerospace, motorsport, energy and high tech.

Dymola uses the Modelica modelling language to define models and provides the user with open access to the language. This means that users are free to create their own model libraries or extend from the existing libraries to accelerate development times, reduce maintenance efforts and improve the level of reuse across projects.

Dymola Automotive Example model
Dymola model of a Thermal Power Plant
Dymola for multi-domain modelling and simulation

Key Features

Dymola is a powerful and user extendible multi-domain physical modelling and simulation tool.

Modelica Modelling Language

Dymola provides full support for the Modelica language and gives the user full access to the language and model equations. Modelica is object orientated, equation based and supports acausal multi-domain physical modelling