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RATP is the major operator of Parisian public transports and chose ControlBuild to develop a simulation environment dedicated to system qualification and integration.

With 10 million passengers transported every day, 44,800 employees, and a turnover of four billion Euro, RATP is the world’s 6th largest urban transport operator. In 2006, RATP began a transport modernization project that will last until 2025. Three targets were set: to cope with the continuous growth of traffic, to offer a modernized response to passengers’ expectations, and to optimize economic and environmental performance, with absolute respect for operating safety. As part of the Paris metro modernization program, RATP chose to develop a totally innovative metro management method: Ouragan. This new operating mode, founded on continuous inspection of train speeds, means that the interval between two trains can be reduced in complete safety, and more trains to be made available to passengers. The ControlBuild simulation environment was chosen because it provides an integral response to the stated objectives.

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Lilly opted for ControlBuild Validation and the handling library delivered with the product, for the simulation and validation of a conveyor system for pharmaceutical products before it was commissioned.

The project team had to produce a complex system made up of a series of conveyers, used to transport pallets of finished and semi-finished products. Each pallet represents a very high product cost. Delays or damages cannot be tolerated, since that would result in the project making a loss. Therefore, the upstream tests had to be complete enough to guarantee system startup without the slightest incident. The conveyor system is controlled by two PLCs.

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Lyonnaise des Eaux – Suez

Lyonnaise des Eaux – Suez, a wastewater treatment and drinking water distribution company chose ControlBuild Validation to perform dynamic tests, without waiting for facilities to be built, in order to anticipate issues and correct the system right from the design phase.

The model of the system was built using ControlBuild Validation from a library of basic components (pumps, valves, motors, tanks, etc.) which was enriched as the project progressed. The internal behavior of each ControlBuild object was described using a common programming language (Ladder, C, etc.) This customized programming method meant that the details of the description could be matched to the needs and context of the project.

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