Requirements Engineering

The effective requirements engineering of complex products and systems ensures compliance to regulations and specifications, at the same time it improves time-to-market and helps reduce overall costs. Dassault Systèmes’ solution allows organizations to capture the “voice of the customer” and translates that information into new products and systems in a timely and efficient manner.

Requirements engineering comprises of two core business processes: requirement management and requirement traceability. Requirements management is the consistent, prioritized, and monitored approach to administering and controlling the information that helps an enterprise develop the ‘right product for the right market at the right time. Requirements traceability is the continuous process of tracking and validating that the defined requirements have been adequately addressed. The Dassault Systèmes Requirement Engineering solution is supported by the combination of ENOVIA Requirement Central for governance and requirement management and the complementary Reqtify family of products for performing requirement traceability and impact analysis.

Key Features:

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