Our systems engineering solutions and services are applicable across a wide range of industries and technologies. Dymola is based on the Modelica modelling language with application libraries covering many different engineering domains such as mechanics, 1D thermofluids, electrical and control systems. These are applied by Claytex and our customers to many different industrial and academic applications.

Industrial Equipment

Industrial Equipment products continue to increase in complexity and sophistication. Ensuring that product performance meets customer and regulatory requirements is a massive challenge. In order to reduce product development times, organizations need to integrate, visualize and simulate the full virtual product, including the pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical, fluid, electrical, and thermal domains, along with sophisticated control systems.
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Robotics and Mechatronics

Robotics are advancing at a fast rate, and for engineers, designing the new generation of robots is one of the most exciting types of projects. A whole new generation of engineering and scientific tools that empower the rapid pace of innovation within the modern robotics and mechatronics community are available, with Dymola multi-domain modelling and simulation being at the forefront.
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Hybrid Vehicle Modelling

With new generation HEV vehicles, the need for advanced physical modelling solutions is considerably greater due to increasing system complexity. Using Dymola as the tool of choice in modelling and simulating hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), fully electric vehicle (EV) applications, and including Hydrogen Fuel Cells, allows the engineer the freedom to verify and validate differing optimised approaches quickly and cost effectively.
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Dymola is used in by manufacturers and race teams competing in Formula 1, NASCAR and IndyCar. They use Dymola for a wide variety of simulation applications in the design office as well as integrating the same models with driver-in-the-loop simulators, hardware-in-the-loop simulation, trackside tools, lapsim prediction tools and more. The models developed cover mechanics, hydraulics, thermal and electrical systems.
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