Systems Engineering Software Tools

Claytex are distributors of a broad range of systems engineering software tools.  These tools cover the complete range of processes including requirements management, traceability, control design, physical modelling and PLM.

Dymola is a modelling and simulation tool, used for model based design of complex engineering systems.

The flexibility of Dymola makes it a versatile tool which is perfect for the modelling and simulation of new alternative designs and technologies and allowing the re-use of proven models.

Libraries across the mechanical, electrical, control, thermal, pneumatic, hydraulic, powertrain, thermodynamics, vehicle dynamics, air-conditioning domains can be coupled together to form a single complete model of the system.

Reqtify is an easy to use, interactive application for managing requirements. It enables traceability and impact analysis across the entire hardware and software development lifecycle of a project.

Reqtify is the most effective solution available linking requirements to the development, verification and validation process whatever the requirement source. It helps keep project teams focused on their implementation and verification work, for maximum efficiency in developing complex embedded systems.

CATIA Systems Engineering integrates complex product behaviour into the product definition, enabling a lifelike experience which predicts the actual performance of products in the real world.

CATIA Systems Engineering products are built on the 3DExperience platform and integrate the requirements, modelling and simulation technologies in to the PLM environment.

FMI Blockset for Simulink

The FMI Blockset for Simulink® provides support for the Functional Mock-up Interface (“FMI”) open standard in Simulink. This means that models that are compiled by third party tools such as Dymola, CATIA Systems and many more can be imported and used in Simulink. Models that are compiled to be compatible with this standard are known as Functional Mock-up Units (“FMU”).

RegressionTest Tool

The RegressionTest Tool for Dymola has been developed for library developers to help them improve the quality of library releases. It provides automated routines for checking models, generating reference results and running regression tests. It is a standalone application that controls Dymola and calls functions from within a supplied Modelica library.

ControlBuild provides an innovative environment for designing and validating critical control software applications. Based on a model-driven approach and supported by a structured set of libraries, ControlBuild is used to efficiently model, simulate, test, validate and deploy IEC 61131-3 control applications.

AUTOSAR Builder is a flexible and powerful solution for the development and the verification of automotive electrical and electronic systems and the associated embedded software according to the AUTOSAR standards and concepts. It is an open and flexible AUTOSAR development environment built on the rich Eclipse and AUTOSAR Tool Platform (ARTOP) integrated development platforms.

Modelica libraries by Claytex

Claytex develop a number of Modelica application libraries for use with Dymola and CATIA Systems and these are available direct from Claytex and our distributors.

We develop the libraries for modelling Engines, Powertrain Dynamics, Vehicle Dynamics, Flexible Bodies, for reading XML files and integrating models with rFactor Pro.