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Physical Modelling With Dymola

Dymola utilises a component orientated physical modelling approach supported by the Modelica modelling language. Modelica has been designed from the start for the convenient modelling of complex physical systems that span multiple domains including control. Using a multi-domain physical modelling approach enables engineers to quickly and accurately construct a model of the system being developed.

A component orientated physical modelling approach means that:

  • Reusable models of physical parts are created and validated once before being shared and used in multiple system models across multiple projects
  • Complete system models that include multiple physical domains and include the control system can be built in a single environment
  • Physical models can be used for different types of analysis without having to manually reformulate the model equations

Dymola utilises the Modelica modelling language which is fast becoming an open standard modelling language. Open access to the Modelica modelling language within Dymola enables custom components to be developed in a fast and efficient manner using equations.

Dymola uses symbolic manipulation to transform physical models in to efficient simulation code that can be used for simulation on the PC or exported for real-time HIL simulation or as c-code for integration in to other environments.

Component orientated physical modelling

What a component orientated modelling approach means in practise is that each object in the model diagram represents a real physical part in the system. The Dymola modelling environment free’s the engineer to focus on what’s important (i.e. designing and developing the overall system and specifying the individual components) rather than being forced into developing and debugging an abstract block diagram representing one interpretation of the system.

component orientated physical modelling

Dymola uses the Modelica modelling language which is an open standard modelling language designed for component orientated modelling. Modelica is developed and maintained by the Modelica Association.  It is a fully object orientated equation based modelling language.

This series of articles explains more about the modelling method and how it compares to other more traditional modelling methods.


Dymola is a physical modelling and simulation tool, used for model based design of complex engineering systems covering multiple domains. The flexibility of Dymola makes it a versatile tool which is perfect for the modelling and simulation of new alternative designs and technologies and allowing the re-use of proven models.

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Modelica Language

Modelica is an open standard, equation based language for conveniently modelling complex physical systems containing multiple domains.

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