The new Automotive Library has been released

March 1st, 2017 by Mahdieh Mehrabi

The new Automotive Library has been released to provide a universally applicable basis for many areas of automotive investigation such as Engine, Powertrain Dynamics and Chassis Dynamics development.

Principles of the Automotive Library

The Automotive Library provides some fundamental models that allow investigation into longitudinal performance, in experiments such as a drive cycle analysis. Each area of the library is designed to be able to be easily extended, modified and developed to create high-fidelity models which can be used alongside or in replacement of existing models, reducing complexity of targeted investigations.

Basis for the Automotive library

The Automotive Library is built on the well-known and understood Modelica Standard Library and extends from the freely available open source Vehicle Interfaces Library for easy interfacing with pre-existing components. Components from the Claytex library provide additional features to the MSL models, making creation, use and analysis of models in the Automotive library easier.

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With other libraries using the Automotive library as a base the library has been designed to allow easy extendibility and modification of models to incorporate high-fidelity models to be used alongside and in replacement of the fundamental models already available. Libraries such as the Engines, Powertrain Dynamics and Chassis Dynamics libraries have the Automotive library as a base.

Key Features

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Components and Templates available to develop:

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