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VeSyMA – Motorsports Library

VeSyMA – Motorsports Library

  Written by: Nathan Horn, Vice President A recent addition to the Dassault Systemes Dymola portfolio is the Motorsports library, developed by Claytex. The Motorsports library is part of the Vehicle Systems Modelling and Analysis (VeSyMA) solution which is a set of Modelica libraries for vehicle simulation. The Motorsports library...

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VeSyMA – Engines Library

VeSyMA - Engines Library

Written by: Alessandro Picarelli – Chief Engineer The VeSyMA – Engines library provides the necessary components for creating semi-empirical and predictive engine models. These models can then be used in standalone experiments (e.g. engine-on-dynamometer) or within vehicle model architectures. Modelling philosophy The library allows both MVEMs (Mean Value Engine...

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VeSyMA – Suspensions Library

VeSyMA - Suspensions Library

Written by: David Briant – Project Engineer A recent addition to the Dassault Systemes Dymola portfolio is the Suspensions library, developed by Claytex, built on the platform of the VeSyMA Library. This library focuses on the development of suspension systems primarily for the investigation of vehicle handling, including road, driver...

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