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How can I make my models run faster?

How can I make my models run faster?

Improving model efficiency and lowering run times: There are 4 common causes of slow-running models: Poor initialisation values Large number of events during simulation Large number of non-linear systems of equations in model Large numbers of numerical jacobians in model Poor Initialisation Poor initialisation values can lead to slow...

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Control of model parameters

Component orientated modelling provides a convienent method of clicking on components to bring up a dialog of parameters to control that components behaviour. As model size and component count increases however, it is often more desirable to collate information from several different places so that data can be controlled...

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Glossary of terms

This is a glossary of terms used when talking about Dymola and Modelica. Class All of the following are defined as a Modelica Class: Record – used to define data structures Block – fixed causality normally used within control systems Types – can be used to extend built-in types....

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