The Dymola Startup Configuration

February 19th, 2015 by Garron Fish

This post describes how to configure Dymola so that on startup you can set the directory, load a library and set other features.

When Dymola is started the dymola.mos file is run at startup (i.e. <Dymola installation directory>\insert\dymola.mos).  By default the script should look something like this:

Default dymola.mos file

The RunScript command runs displayunit.mos script which is used to control the unit conversions in Dymola, for more information goto here .  By uncommenting the line // RunScript(“$DYMOLA/insert/displayunit_us.mos”,true);  the US units will be loaded.

A number of useful tasks and setting can be added to this script:

Note that when changing the dymola.mos file you may find that the Windows will not allow you to change modify the dymola.mos file.  A workaround that is to save the modified dymola.mos file to the Desktop and then to replace the script in <Dymola installation directory>\insert directory.  If this does not work then please consult your IT personnel.

An example of a modified dymola.mos is below:

Example dymola.mos file


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