Splitting models into subsystems

December 12th, 2012 by Juan Gabriel Delgado Beltran

The previous version of Dymola incorporated the possibility to create a submodel from some of the components of a model (this is the link to the corresponding article). This feature has been extended now and allows the creation of base classes. The procedure is completely analogous:

1. Select the components that will take part in the base class.
2. Right-click on them and then click on Split Model. A menu will pop up.
3. The aforementioned menu includes the following fields:

Dialog box "move to base class"

Figure 1. Dialog box of Split Model for “Move to base class”

Dialog box "submodel"

Figure 2. Dialog box of Split Model for “Create submodel” (default view)

When a base class is created, Dymola automatically generates a statement in the text layer of the working model to declare that it has been extended from the new base class. The parameter values of the components of the base class can be modified locally (in the working model) or generically (in the base class), in which case they would become default values in all the models extended from the same base class.

base class

Figure 1. Example of a base class selection from a model