Motorsport Research and Teaching

Dymola and the motorsport solutions from Claytex are used in Formula 1, Indycar and NASCAR to model all aspects of a race car.  The same solutions that are applied by these teams are available for use in academic research and for teaching purposes at substantially discounted prices.

Formula SAE is one particular academic application where these solutions can help the teams achieve great results and at the same time introduce the students to the tools they will need to know and use when they graduate.  The VDLMotorsports library provides suspension templates suitable for Formula SAE cars and gives the students access to setup experiments and dynamic experiments that will enable them to investigate the car behaviour and define the suspension geometry and spring and damper rates.

Nascar modelled using VDL Motorsports library
Open wheel race car with double wishbone with pushrod suspension
Sports Car with double wishbone suspension

The Dymola Academic Learn bundle includes the Powertrain and Smart Electric Drives libraries that can be used to investigate powertrain configuration and the optimal energy usage strategy. To integrate the vehicle dynamics perspective then the Dymola Academic Innovate and the VDLMotorsports library are required.

Depending on the related teaching and research projects other application libraries may be relevant such as the Engines library.  If the university also has access to a driving simulator then it is also possible to use these solutions to build models suitable for use in these systems.  We are currently supporting several Motorsport customers that are applying Dymola models in this way.

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